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A Brynon has an amazing soul; they are sweet, kind, caring, loyal to their friends and partners. Brynon is usual very handsome and attractive, some can be considered very sexy. They're always honest and trustworthy; is manly yet still sensitive. If you know a Brynon consider yourself extremely lucky and honored because they are so rare in this world. A Brynon will do just about anything to cheer their friends up, they're funny and smart and loving and just the best ever. Never turn on a Brynon, you'll regret it the rest of your life. :)
Girl 1: OMG! Who's your new boyfriend?
Girl 2: His name's Brynon =)
Girl 3: Your so lucky!
#sexy adoring #loving fair #honest cute #handsome hot #attractive
by Aliyah;P November 20, 2012
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