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God, enuff said. AKA BA
Hey man, what you listening to?
BA ofcourse, only the best.
by Cloudy April 01, 2004
71 51
Has some beautiful love songs.
"Please Forgive Me."


"Everything I do...I do it for you."
by j0813 January 07, 2005
92 36
A singer who wrote incredible love songs, and songs for Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron
summer of 69
everything I do
I will always return
Everything I do I do it for you ( bryan adams feat. Celine Dion )
by Moiyra June 11, 2007
42 14
Alumni of St. Julian's School Portugal
"ST Julian's is so Bryan Adam's school!"
by John Cleeveden March 31, 2005
11 43
Actually David Spade. They could be twins.
See that guy that used to be on Saturday Night Live, doesn't he look like a Bryan Adams
by BillyM July 10, 2005
13 49