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A sweet smart and gorgeous girl. Has a beautiful laugh and a big heart. Great friend and is always able to make people happy.
Brya is a cool girl to hang with she always has me smiling.
#brya #awesome #funny #cute #beauty
by SusieBoo August 21, 2011
a white girl with a black girl booty loves to get slammed in her tampon socket has lesbian tendencies and adores random one night stands after a bottle of jack! co-depentent on her best friend She is the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet and often associated with JoJo
hey Brya Fuck Em it they cant take a joke
#booty #cum dumpster #lesbian #beautiful #sexy #caleb #jojo #briyona #white #cock #sex #fuck
by xoxojojo May 27, 2011
A bitch who thinks she is fucking better use as a friend thats very attractive .And turns out to be leabain .As a girlfriend on the low but still fucks the whole school . Loses every fight .And claims she wins But over all is pretty and smart
Brya is smart and bitchy at times
#smart #pretty #bitch #lesbain #cool
by deeznutz_inyomouth May 20, 2015
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