A lazy canadian way of saying Brutal.. It is ub3r fantastic...
"oh buddy thats brutz."

"that chick is brutz."

"Hey did you hear about that Joy chick? Yah shes Brutz."
by Chris October 28, 2004
Top Definition
This is a Pennsylvania Dutch word meaning "To Cry"
Listening to sad music by Ray Lamontagne makes me wanna brutz!
by becktheanglophile April 21, 2009
Slang term for the word 'Brutal'. Used in the same context
"lol dude this music is fucking brutz"
"I smoked a bowl and I was fucked, that weed was brutz bloody brutz"
by xvertx February 01, 2009
Something that is so ugly, bad, terrible, not worthy of existing. Its the easier, slang term of brutal. It also describes DJNP perfectly
Dude-Check out that hotty DJNP over there
Dude's Friend- Bro is dat a chick or a guy? watevz thats brutz.
by _Julian_ March 22, 2007
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