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spanish for an oaf, idiot, dumbass.
<i>Jon:Mike got arrested for picking up a prostitute yesterday.</i>
<i>Rad:What a fucking bruto.</i>
by Radames November 24, 2003
-noun: one who tends to brutalize. An Italian colloquial for a person with a rather wild sexual craving. A smooth operator or a Don Juan. Can be used to indirectly refer to a pervert, creeper, stalker, pedophile, etc., or to refer to such in a not so cruel manner. It can also be as a pet name among spouses, lovers or partners. Bruta would be the feminine word for bruto.
Only a bruto would make “that’s what she said” references to everything people say!

That old man doesn’t seem like a pervert, but the little girl said he’s a bruto.

Dude: Baby, I am definitely having these buns with some butter for dinner tonight!
Girl: Ay bruto! Stop grabbing my butt in public!

She has these toys that she uses to play with me at night... & then she denies that she’s a bruta.
by paopao89 November 28, 2010
Spanish. Adj. Behaving in a brutal manner. Harsh. Loosing all inhibitions and consideration for other's feelings. Associated with the use of expletives and insults with reckless disregard of possible reprimands, both physically and mentally.
1: Que te sufras el cancer vaginal, puta!

2: Que bruto que sos!
by Guachin October 27, 2005