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Puerto Ricans use it to refer to a drug dealer, or someone in charge of criminal operations. Maybe comes from the expression "Big Shot".
by Radames November 07, 2003
Company that produces sub-par games and uses hip, cool advertising to sell these shitty games. Constantly rehashes games year in and year out due to the fact that the EA brand sells the games themselves.
Did you buy NBA Live 2004? Nah man, that's a shitty Electronic Arts game.
by Radames November 25, 2003
Someone who uses programming mistakes in online games to gain an advantage over the competition.
That guy was inside of the wall when he shot me. . .what a fucking glitcher.
by Radames November 25, 2003
Puerto Rico: A little bitch. A chickenhead ho. Una pendejita. Puta. Bitch from the ghetto. Bitch with bad reputation.
AKA parga, puta, petardo, cochofle, muffler, rastrillo,
by Radames November 07, 2003
a girl who is fine
yo, that girl is tight work
by Radames February 27, 2003
An Playstation Online game that is good to play with friends. Is fun when you aren't in a room with homo's who are concerned about rank and don't want to be TK'd. Third best birth control device behind the pill and Everquest.
I own you in some fucking Socom.
by Radames November 25, 2003
spanish for an oaf, idiot, dumbass.
<i>Jon:Mike got arrested for picking up a prostitute yesterday.</i>
<i>Rad:What a fucking bruto.</i>
by Radames November 24, 2003
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