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beautiful but very brutal
the guy was brutal but he was looking hella fine therefore he was brutiful
by narryhelp January 24, 2013
3 1
A mix between the word Brutal and the word Beautiful. Coined by under-ground Death Metal/Comedy band Masked Penguin Slaughters. Often used to describe a situation or a Death Metal song.
- Man Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse is fucking Brutiful!
- Man that was Brutiful!
- Refer to Masked Penguin Slaughterers Song "Your Brutiful"

www.myspace.com/ maskedpenguinslaughterers
by Tortiss April 27, 2007
32 6
Being both beautiful and brutal at the same time, such as an acoustic metal solo.
The solo in "heartless" by Carnifex is brutiful.
by Zac The Vampire May 01, 2010
4 3
A fusion of the words brutal & beautiful.
gawsh daym that breakdown was brutifully done!
by BatBoy November 23, 2013
0 0
1. Brutally beautiful; extremely attractive almost to the point of inflicting pain or feelings associated with brutality onto the observer.
2. Brutal and beautiful, can also mean a physically attractive person with an extremely unattractive personality.
Guy 1: Check that chick out over by the vintage records, bro! She's fucking brutiful!
Guy 2: F'sho, mang!

Regina George from Mean girls is totally brutiful, don't you think?
by NeenaNevermore January 01, 2009
7 7
A big girl who has a really pretty face, yet she could kick most guys' asses.
Inna from Rock Of Love is Brutiful! She could probably beat my ass though...
by Stephanie Schuh April 28, 2008
1 7
To be so beautiful that it hurts.
OMG...did you see her, she's brutiful!
by Lliann November 24, 2006
4 12