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Brustal; {Broos-tl}


1. The darkest form of evil.

2. Pure intensity: brustal music.

3. harsh; ferocious.


The only word able to describe such concentrated hell.

—Related forms

brus·tal·ly, adverb

hy·per·brus·tal, adjective

hy·per·brus·tal·ly, adverb
OMG that was more than brutal... It was brustal!
by X Sentinel June 25, 2010
(adj) The condition of having a sore and burning ass after a day of "swamp ass" from eating spicy ethnic foods, like a doner kabob or Thai food.
Dude, I can't make it out tonight, I have brustal ass. I never should have had that street food after the strip club. I'm a total douche. How'd you guys keep your asses so clean?
by O'Brennan November 21, 2010

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