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Verb(action word): To brucato, brucatoed, brucatoing
To ditch, fall asleep on, be a dick to, or to not talk to someone while dating them/and or seeing them, or to play mind games with someone and make them think everything is their fault, to take it up the butt from a best friend and or secret boyfriend, and to not do anything about this because you still are a little bitch.

Used in a sentence: Guy 1-"Dude, I totally brucatoed that girl last night."
Guy 2- "Flippin' SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!1"

We at Urban Dictionary are not responsible for any harm caused to small unfortunate animals and or children....

We reserve our rights as a corporation to take blame for anything posted on our website and will brucato you at any moment.
see definition above please. ^-up there or we will brucato you.....
by fuckyouflippy April 28, 2011
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