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The sound of a fart. Often used when a akward silence happens, someone may feel the void with a brrp.
Anytime you are talking about farting, you would make the sound "Brrp."
by Michael102387 November 10, 2010
When someone let's one rip.
You: brrp!
Me : OMG, what a fat fart bomb!
by fartie011111 June 22, 2010
To state the obvious or to return a diss
OH Shit son, that shit is crunk, BRRP
by Andrew November 30, 2004
Exclamation used to taunt others for self-evidently embarassing behavior and other faux pas. This expression became particularly popular in suburbs and exurban areas outside NYC in the late 1990s.
In the line for the cafeteria Gio knocked over 'the pole' (the pole that holds the ropes up). Pretty much everyone was yellin 'brrp!' right in his face for two days.
by Robert J. Scarlet February 14, 2005
stupid rude boy word, where the roodie makes the shape of a gun with thier hand, and makes this noise "brapppppppp" as a kind of war cry. sad really...
"brap pow " said a saddass roodie
by oilslug April 16, 2005

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