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atmosphere made of girls' fart which prevents the rays of hope of dating coming through. Friendzoner's ultimate move. A girl set up the brozone layer only when she is comfortable enough with a guy to call him a brother.
Peter: I'm really happy that Angie and I are getting to know each other better. The other day she farted; it was so cute.
All the guys: No, you fool. She set up the brozone layer; you're hopeless.
by lordeChae December 13, 2014
Any area in which there is an unusually high prevalence of Bros. These wastebags can be easily recognized by their flat-brimmed skateboard hats, board shorts, and lack of a job, or any motivation in life. The Brozone layer is unusually thick in San Diego, specifically down in Pacific Beach at establishments like Moondoggies. A brozone layer can be very disorienting, and often leads smoking hot girls to date these losers.
Fitness: Yo Chuck, we gotta get out of here I can barely breathe.
Chuck: I know, the brozone layer in here is so thick I can't even see.
Fitness: I know, the joke will be on these bro's in ten years when they are still skateboarding at the beach, collecting welfare.
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
the vibe/atmosphere between two bros.
in the following example, mikey and corey are bros.

Mikey: yo corey
Corey: yo mikey

(ariel enters)

Corey: it was cool when we were chilling, but im feeling a hole in the brozone layer.
by eskimo brothaaa January 26, 2010
A place worse than the friend zone. The brozone layer occurs when the girl you like deems you a "brother to her." There is almost no chance of getting out of the brozone layer.

See Friend Zone
Bro 1: hey man hows it going with that chick
Bro 2: she put me in the brozone layer :(
Bro 1: You're fucked
by igotbrozoned February 11, 2012
The zone in which bros can chill and do bro like stuff. Usually a secluded place in which people out of the zone and personal of the opposite gender are not taken kindly. This place is usually equipped with some snacks for when the munchies are present and some drinks for when a bro is thirsty
mom " kevin why is this mattress separating the basement kitchen from the rest of the basement?"

kevin " it is protecting the brozone layer from women and outsiders that arent taken kindly here. now since you are in the hozone can u make me a sangwhich?
by brojuana February 06, 2012
A place where you and your fellow "Bro's" chill or "Bro Out".
Yo Chaz lets go to the BroZoneLayer and play some LAX Bro.
by CAKEATER18254 February 28, 2011
noun: A group of 3 or more close friends or "Bros" that chill on a daily basis.
Dude without Mikey here there's a significant hole in the Brozone Layer.
by Smackking July 31, 2010
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