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The act of defecating on someone's open laptop and shutting it. Usually done when one desires to be a huge prick.
Andy: "Josh stole my towel when I was in the shower so I am totally going to brownload his computer."
Bill: "Nice. You should use his sheets to wipe."
by irishfan86 January 15, 2011
To browse the internet on the toilet with a portable electronics device.
Dee's morning ritual consisted of a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a quick brownload of
by NeonWarwick August 01, 2007
A word for a poo.

You'd think because it's like a brown download, but the word's actual origins are far more peculiar than that, dating back to a proto-Germanic word which was found scribbled in excrement on the wall of a recently discovered cave toilet.

First brought to global attention on the blog:
"Can I just do a quick brownload first?"

"I don't think you quite understand the situation that you're in."

"Well, I do have the mental age of an infant."

by Willis Shafthauer April 27, 2012
To brownload on someone is to shit on them for sexual pleasure.
I brownloaded your mum last night.

Those sick freaks like to brownload each other.
by Matt.A November 06, 2006

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