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The sexual or fetish act of defecating into a condom that is placed inside a females vagina until it is of an enormous and filling size.

Like the Bukkake ritual, for best effect this should be performed by multiple people for maximum filling, or one person who has has an adequate amount of feces.

The condom is then tied off and rammed back and forth into the orrifice.

Can also be performed analy by homosexual couples or the more experimental among the hetro's , but it is recomended the anus be losened up before performing this act.
"Lamar inserted the condom into Luanne and then plopped his hot brown gem into her, She sighed and motioned for Lance to take his turn in the Brown Windsor ritual."


"Willis stuffed the condom into Manny's ass then reversed apon it with his quivering sphincter.

The Warm load filled Manny with joy.

They had spoken of the Brown Windsor many times, and now it was Wiliis' turn."
by Ben L 64 November 06, 2006
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