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The day after Thanksgiving when the toilets begin to clog up with post-celebratory waste
Scrubs: "Hey man, wanna hangout?"
Cubbiss: "No man, I'm spending my Brown Friday on the toilet."
by package2700 January 22, 2010
The day after Thanksgiving when toilets across America scream and cry out for mercy.
Redneck Dan: Man... I ate so much of that danged Turducken and partied it down the hatch with them two cases of Red, White and Blur and Pabst beer that my danged toilet is quakin' at the thought of Brown Friday.
by The Somnambulist & Fast Reggie November 29, 2013
Brown Friday, a.k.a. Deadline Friday, is a term used describing the last friday of the month where we're supposed to update our commercial websites.

Ah, it's brown friday again. Please refrain from using the air freshener and ventilation in the toilets, please.
by schande February 07, 2008
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