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breasts with nipples that seem to be cross-eyed.
"this bitch i pumped yesterday really had a lennart"
by schande April 27, 2006
"to pull a lenn art" is to lay a cleveland steamer between lennart tits.
this girl i dated was such a negative nagging bitch, i just had to pull a lenn art on her
by schande April 27, 2006
when a girl's boobs seem to be cross-eyed. always in combination with a bad and selfish temper. very strange-looking and hopefully very rare.
when he finally took her bra off it was clear she had a huge lennart. "i was wondering why she was acting so negative and bitchy tonight, but this answers a lot of questions.", he thought.
by schande May 08, 2006
deploying a cleveland steamer on a girl with a lennart.
when it was evident that she wouldn't change her bad behaviour he was forced to perform a lenn-art on her.
by schande May 08, 2006
Brown Friday, a.k.a. Deadline Friday, is a term used describing the last friday of the month where we're supposed to update our commercial websites.

Ah, it's brown friday again. Please refrain from using the air freshener and ventilation in the toilets, please.
by schande February 07, 2008
DPU, or Digital Production Unit, is an employee that works on the digital wing of an advertising company, responsible for the production of as many items as humanly possible.
that geezer is a hard worker. he's got his particularities, but he's an excellent DPU.
by schande May 14, 2007
pulling an olaf is when you are so fed up with the loud behaviour of the people in the tents nearby that you sneak in when they have left and smear some orally used items over your unwashed anus.
"this is it!", he said, and after the irritating students left their tents, he and his friends entered their tents and pulled an olaf on the trumpets they were using all weekend.
by schande May 08, 2006
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