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A motorcycle with one of those chill, little side-car things. Only to be occupied by one of the owner's bros.
If you drive by a motorcycle that appears to be drag racing with a massive fucking easter egg on wheels, you'll have complete understanding of the Brotorcycle.
by USA Anonymous June 11, 2011
Also known as a motorcycle, is the object of worship by bros around the world but especially in the Inland Empire where Moto-bro's have infested like cockroach.
Gay Bro: Hey what up bro? Wanna go ride tomorrow and hit some sick triples?

Straight Man: Ummm no thanks.."bro"

Gay Bro: Why not man, i already called off work. Told my manager I DGAF...

Straight Man: I don't even own a brotorcycle you douche. Now go throw back some Bro Light and leave me alone.
by GlassChannelDrums July 17, 2008
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