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A picture that involves only bro's
"everytime I look at the brotograph of me and the bro's I get a broner and I cry a little"
by Bromeister McBroman Brosetti August 27, 2008
A "Brotograph" is a picture where the subject (usually male) is shown dressed in frat clothing or acting in a manner consistent with the stereotypical frat-boy image. Elements included in the image may include beer pong, popped collars, and upside-down visors. The term "brotograph" is a combination of "photograph" and the oft-used frat-boy greeting "Bro".
Tyler stopped the game of beer-pong for a second to grab his camera.

"Brah, get on the other side of the table and put your arm around him. We need to take a brotograph"
by maxxo November 05, 2007
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