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A protip shared from bro to bro
Brotip: Take the key on the left.
by Indrion January 03, 2009
116 22
A legit blog, originally started on Tumblr, that creates and posts tips daily for the average bro.

Dude, did you look at Brotips yesterday? That tip totally describes my life.
by chillllasfuck March 23, 2011
56 32
A protip shared with a bro, about being a bro. Usually about the same topics that are talked about in the bro code.
Guy: "Oh man I can't believe I got that chicks number!!! I think I'm gonna call her"

Bro: "Brotip: wait at least ninety-six hours hours before calling her. I read it in article 39 of the bro code!"
by lucky_phil October 25, 2010
18 6