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Rotation of weed among bros.
Dude, follow the brotation!
by Watastoner September 04, 2011
1) The operative term of a female who sleeps with numerous members of the same group of friends.

2) (Described of a female) when members of a group of male friends try to get with a female and several do not succeed.
1) "I was with her too!! That girl is definitely in the brotation!!"

2) "I think she is trying to work the brotation to see which one of us she wants to go home with."
by Cooter B of D.C. December 28, 2007
When a girl or group of girls hooks up with multiple guys in a group of friends.
Alex: I hooked up with Vikki last night...
Matt: She's bedded nine of us so far.
Alex: She is in heavy Brotation
by Terpp March 29, 2009