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The social strata of bros in which communication involves the frequent use of "bro", "bruh", "man", "dude" or anything that suggests brotherhood.
Adam reentered the brosphere after years of living off the grid. The "bros" and "man"s flowed freely off his tongue.
by Emilyskis November 28, 2014
The female equivalent of a guy being "friend-zoned". A girl is seen as one of the guys or a "bro" not a potential girlfriend.
Barbra is never gonna get Jimmy to date her if she doesn't get out of his Brosphere.

Sarah really likes James but he doesn't see her as anything but one of the guys, she totally got Brosphered.
by NotaBasicB April 04, 2013
The social atmosphere where guys start lying and exaggerating to one-up each other.
A fence scraper counts the same as a bomb except in the brosphere.
by J Bo January 19, 2012
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