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Short term 4 blocking some 1's hustle......
Brosler- is being a hustle blocker........
Stoping a gud plan from working
Ricky: Jamie throw me a starburst
Jamie: Hell no
Ricky: Come on man Jamie u kno im ya boy I'll do anything for you.
Jamie: ok then
(starts to hand Ricky the starburst)
Paul: Hey Jamie can i have 1 too, I've been ya boy 4 the longest now.
Jamie: Oh hell NO! aint no way im giving both a yall, forget that.
(walks away and niether of them get a starburst)

Ricky: Paul why the hell you always brosling, i almost had dat starburst but u had to come mess everything up dumb ass

Vicky: Damn dis class is boring when do we get out?
Sasha: 2:15 n it onli 1:30
Vicky: WTF! im not stayin in dis class no longer
(raises hand for teacher to answer her)

Teacher:yes Veronica
Vicky: Umm i have to go and print out some important pages to give the principal, can i be excused
Teacher:Go ahead
Sam: Hey you told the teacher before this you had to do the same thing, and plus the principals not here
Teacher: really sam? Veronica! get back in this class...
Vicky: SHOOT! Sam why da hell u always gatta be a brosler, i was home free u stupid Bi-otch
by ressey April 10, 2008
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