Browsing the internet while pooping.
Making the most of her lunch break, Dashawna took her Dell Inspirion 5374 to the restroom to do some brooping.
by ohchunky September 16, 2010
Top Definition
Brooping is brushing while you take a poop. We do it because 1. We are in a hurry
2. It is a more comfortable form of brushing teeth.

Skills required: 1. Accurate spitting through the hole between your legs and into the toilet seat. 2. Remembering which hand holds the toothbrush and which holds the TP.
BRO1: Yo Brosizzle, how come your cock tastes like toothpaste?
BRO2: Well Brosuff, I was brooping like ten minutes ago and I totally spit toothpaste all over my dick!
by Pi2nkSti1nk April 17, 2011
Texting your bro while pooping.
Bro #1 - "sup dude"

Bro #2 - "Nothing dude, just taking a poop"

Bro #1 - "Ah dude me too!!, we're brooping!!"
by Chilicheeseenchilada August 14, 2010
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