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1. (Adj); Jacked.

2. (V); To engage in Physical Activity, usually for an intense gain in muscle mass.
1a. "I've been going to the gym five days a week, and i'm really Broomelled."


2a. "Just Broomelled for 2 hours. Feels good man. GET BROOMELLED SON!"

*Most statements about Broomelling will end in the above phrase, "GET BROOMELLED SON", 90% of the time in all caps (if on the internet) or yelled as loud as possible (at the gym).

Yelling "GET BROOMELLED SON" is only acceptable if the user of the statement is well on their way to an Olympian Physique or has been deemed worthy by Jack Broomell and his dad's mustache.

Yelling or typing as one's Facebook status "GET BROOMELLED SON" is acceptable up to five times per day without consumption of bacon. Any usage beyond the former requires consumption of at least five (5) Bacon Strips per use.
by Simpsooooon May 06, 2011
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