Something that Joey in "Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series" says multiple times in Episode 28. Basically, it is acting angry with a Brooklyn accent. Yugi tells him that this phrase will never catch on.
Asshole: Man, you ain't seen NUTHIN 'till you've seen my brooklyn rage!!!
Guy: Dude...stfu.
by anon, bitches. May 25, 2008
A popular spin off of Lady Gaga's Poker Face, made for the Yu-gi-oh Abridged series.
Brooklyn Rage- Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyehhhhh
by JoEy_WhEeLeR January 06, 2010
A level of rage only achievable when a person of rage reaches extreme levels of annoyance. It is not limited to, but usualy found around groups of extreme gamers; and soundtracked by yu-gi-oh abridge's "Brooklyn Rage" song.
Gamer 1: Hey guys, I'm gonna try and fight three level 9 CPU Pikachus on Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Others: Uh-oh...get the music

*5 minutes later*

Gamer 1: Aw come on! Stop being a little douche bag and fight like a real fucking computer! Fuck those Pikachus and this game! *throws controller*

Gamer 2: Uh-oh here's the Brooklyn Rage! *hits play*

Music: Neyh, neyh, neyh, neyh...

Others: *Histerical laughter*

Gamer 1: *stare* Seriously? You guys are assholes.
by Fen*Pen February 13, 2011
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