the most friggin boring town in connecticut. way 2 many families with a stick up their ass.u feel like ur in leave it to bever world.
hey? wanna go out 2nite? well wat do u want to do? we can go to the mall, movies or friggin bowling? nahh we did all those last week. Lets get drunk instead!! ok!!
---damn brookfield is sooo gay---
by me November 15, 2003
The most G'd up school ever, only becuase of its og african's
Klu Klux Klan Niggaaaaa's
1: have you heard of those kids from Brookfield
2:Yeah there gangsters, i wish i went to Brookfield High School
by Abdurahman walrus May 15, 2009
The act of being gay and greedy, originated from the town of brookfield in connecticut
Hey, stop being so brookfield and actually do somthing productive with your money.
by SatCam April 15, 2004
Greedy, ungrateful, mean, self centered , mean, deaf, ignorant, horse
shes a real kate brookfield
by Jack five August 01, 2003
City in southeastern Wisconsin where the population would be more than 100% Causcasian, if that were possible. The "Rich Kids" here despise Stallis boys, because the only thing bigger in Brookfield is the backyards. Even the fireworks there are small and lame. Common music to be heard wafting in the air; Phish, Dave Matthews Band, The Grateful Dead, etc...other stupid hippie shit.
"Oh, you're rich, white AND a dirty, cocksucking hippie? Must be one of the Brookfield assholes."
by Frankie and Cha-Chi February 02, 2005

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