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Community college in Monmouth County where most people from the surrounding public school systems go. If you or your family cannot afford a 4-year college, then theres nothing wrong with going to Brookdale. But many "students" there come from families who can easily afford 4-year programs, but these "students" are simply too lazy and lack the amibition to work hard. Hence, they end up without good jobs.
person 1: Oh yeah she graduated from the high school.
person 2: Where's she now?
person 1: Brookdale
person 2: Hah I'm not surprised

He couldnt cut it at the University, so now he's at Brookdale taking the easiest classes, lets see where he ends up in 5 years
by Illmatic25 February 09, 2009
cheap community college where all the bum-ass kids from hazlet and keansburg go and end up doing nothing with their lives.
You see that dude over there?
- Yeah, the one with the tattoos and the suped-up car?
Yeah, dude's a chump. He thinks he's "livin the life" but he's just a bum who goes to Brookdale
- Haha word, let's get away from these lames
by BrookdaleAlum04 April 28, 2009
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