A failed golddigger.
Peter: "Dude, it looks like 24-year-old Michelle ended up marrying that 72-year-old Physics professor!"
John: "Oh man, sounds like a bronzedigger to me."
by djreefresh November 28, 2011
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1(n) One who digs for bronze objects, or creates bronze from a furnace.

2(n) A person who will go after someone just for their money, but they will settle for a lower amount of cash, rather than a large sum, to avoid being called a gold digger. See also gold digger
1) Person 1 "your mom's a bronze digger"

Person 2"I know man, last night she found 3 ancient pieces of bronze at the old ruins site."

2) Person 1 "youre mom's a bronze digger"

Person 2" I know man, she went after this guy who makes a few dollars more than minimum wage"
by horrorbackwards September 02, 2009
Someone who constantly picks the ear, resulting with bronze pieces of ear wax on their finger tips. Taken from the more popular phrase "Gold Digger"
"Oh My God, Geoff is such a bronze digger. It's so f***ing disgusting"

"Dude, check out that Bronze Digger in the Third Row"

"Woah! He's going for the jackpot"
by Josh the Shweff March 07, 2010

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