awsome ,cool, epic,
man that trick was bronte
by tomboooo August 16, 2009
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A girl of Her own Sexiness, her own Way In life, Doesn't care what people think. Can Pull Men By The Tip of Her finger One Call of a man And he's there. loving and Wonderful. Very Blissful And Beautiful.
Bronte Is As beautiful As A Blissful rose on A Summers Day.
by America Darling January 29, 2009
the sweetest girl in the world, seriously stunning probably the most beautiful girl ever to grace the planet, loved dearly by a certain person.
i love you bronte
by she knows who i am :) April 13, 2009
bronte is a female who gets men and boys drooling at her feet just so they can touch her!Shes popular but romantic and loveable!and she has a wild side! she is her own person and is the most gorgouse female to walk planet earth!
Guy- "omg did you see that bronte walk past us her sent and looks are F***king amazing"
Guy 2-"shes my only love.. shes drop dead gorgouse"
by Eric Moconally February 15, 2009
Perfect. Lovely. Amazing friend.

People would kill to have her as a best friend.
She gives perfect advice and would drop everything just to help out a friend. Strong as hell.

She is a flicka.
"That girls just like a Bronte"
by Rockyyyyyy October 08, 2011
Bronte is and amazing girl with a great body and amazing tits, she could have any guy she wanted she's so cute funny nice sweet I love her so much she's so amazing and I wish I could be with her every second of my life!
Brontesouras I love u so much
by I love brontesouras April 30, 2013
Bronte is a girl who is loved and hated at the same time, by the same person. She is first off beautiful, and second off a complete bitch at times. A Bronte is known for being consistantly bitchy and mean towards everyone, she is also known for lying and leading guys on. Bronte also, has a secret side of her that's waiting to Party and get laid constantly, but overall Bronte is a sexy and ,if you get to know her, sweet girl.
"I am in love with Bronte" You know you can't be! they are just not meant to be with anyone.
by Arealmansman July 11, 2010

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