A guy that is like your brother and mom at the same time.
Here, this is Tomás. He's my bromo.
by camisita September 09, 2010
abbreviation for bromance rhymes with homo however not a homosexual relationship. Playful term referring to true bromance.... very bromantical
Michaela: Hey look at Sam and Brendan are they funny?

Mary : What do you mean romantic?

Michaela: yeah, are they?

Mary: No they're just bromo's
by Smileawhile June 02, 2010
(adj.)Showing love between one bro to another, in a non-homosexual way.
After we won the game, Chris and I had a no homo, bromo man hug.
by silasam/chasingeuphoria April 12, 2010
The male equivalent to Fag Hag A straight man who is best friends with gay men or women.
I'm hanging out with my bromo tonight. My sister and her bromo are coming over for dinner.
by Oz33 December 31, 2009
When bros become homos.

2 x bro+homo= BROMOS
lawrence and colin used to be such good friends, but now they're just bromos.

Shawn is totally trying his bromo moves on brad.
by themostbubblewrapever.yeah. November 20, 2009
The homosexual wingman of a straight man. Bromos are better than bros as wingmen because they put women at ease without the ambiguity of the female wingman. Bromos often come replete with a gaggle of fag hags, which only adds to the advantages.
I was out with my bromo last night and two chicks made out with me at the same time saying it doesn't count as cheating on their boyfriends because I'm gay. I told them I was straight, but they said I was in denial. Awesome.
by Maezfats August 28, 2009
A bromo is a straight guy that considers his friendship with his boys as a "bromance". While this may be considered "homo" to other straight guys.
GirL: Yo, did you see the new show on MTV called "Bromance"?

GuY: Hell no!! Those guys a freaking bromo's!!
by meghan = buttacup<3 January 23, 2009

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