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Pretty chill dude. Laid back and fun to be around. Major flirt with all the ladies. Usually athletic. Just a legit guy.
Dude who was that cool guy? Not sure, he's prolly a coleton
by wham bam thank ya ma'am April 21, 2010
A really awesome guy! Really funny, plays guitar, sings, and plays football. Not very good at multitasking. Loves the color blue. Coleton is someone who should hurry up and ask me to homecoming!! :)
Person 1: wouldn't it be so awesome if Coleton sang and played guitar for me when he asked me to homecoming? Jus sayin.

Person 2: yes that would be so awesome
by Leeky :) September 05, 2011
One such being that is less than 5 feet tall. He is not usually a very bright young child because he was dropped on his head as a baby. He sucks at everything athletic, academic, and otherwise. This boy shall never get laid; with his 2 inch long dong.
Coleton is called Double Downsy
by Applelover December 17, 2012
The winner of the fag. competition.
Coleton needs to go get Tim and fuck him again.
by the_blonde_you_hate January 26, 2005
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