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The phenomenon of too many dudes hanging out at a social gathering, especially one in which alcohol is consumed in large quantities, without the presense of any chicks; drunk dudes at a sausagefest who start to blurr the lines between just being a "bro" and taking it a borderline homosexual level that starts to get weird
Mark: Dude, were you at Joe's party last weekend?

Neil: Yeah man. It was just Joe and all his weird friends from high school. They were starting to get a little bromiscuous man.

Mark: Like what?

Neil: It started out with some beer pong victory dance they were doing... and then Garrett licked Joe's nipple

Mark: ... thats pretty bromiscuous
by PatchesMcBalls December 09, 2010
34 1
an adjective that can only be defined as chilling with too many dudes all the time, not as much female interaction in ones life
Bro 1~"Dude, why does this random chick always follow us around and come to all of our parties? We don't even know her!"

Bro 2~"Man, she's bromiscuous"
by BromiscuousJoey June 16, 2010
5 3
To be involved in or engage in numerous relationships with male friends; to cultivate several bromances
He was bromiscuous with several of guys from his gaming group.
by ryanrocks April 06, 2009
13 13
hangs out with a fairly broad range of groups, not committing to any particular group of friends.
Byron: Yo, is Mark coming over?

Chris: Nah, man, he's bromiscuous, probably kicking it with some other random group.
by ChristB March 25, 2010
2 5