1. When a group of 3 or more guys/Bro's get together for the time of their lives in a total non-homosexual manner.

2. When an evil Anti-Bro rises in power and attempts to exterminate all Bro's in the world.
1. Guy: "Dude, we can't find any chicks for this weekend!"
Bro: "Don't worry brah, Brolocaust!"

2. The world mourns as the Brolocaust's fatalities reach in the millions of Bro's.
by Gh05t RUN3R May 29, 2010
Top Definition
An extreme and excessive gathering of bro's.

Usually results in an excessive consumption of cheap beer and unnecessary competitiveness.
Dude that frat party last night was a total brolocaust! Like 100 cases of Natty got downed!
by Brobi One Kinobi January 12, 2011
When a bunch of true and true "bro's" all get laid on the same night. Minimum 4.
Dude: "Did you lot have a good night last night?"

Bro: "Yeah you should have gone, it was a full on brolocaust!"
by FellowBro May 05, 2010
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