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Brolish is a language spoken by bros. All O sounds are replaced by bro. Also, the word "party" is heavily used in this language.
Bro 1: Whats broin on bro?
Bro 2: Nothin bro, lets bro somewhere today.
Bro 1: Brotally!!!
Bro 2: PARTY!!
Bro 1: PARTY!!!!!
Normal Person: Fuckin bros and their brolish...
by Diagonal Dog May 12, 2009
The language that all men speak; A common understanding amongst men that transgresses all speech; The fraternizing of the English Language; A code; A mantra;
Bro, nice use of Brolish. Bro!

Further readings: The Onion's OP/ED piece: Bro, You're A God Among Bros
by One Broseph To Another Broseph September 30, 2007
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