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Variation of Bro, used only when Broseph cannot fully convey sense of brotherhood.
"Thanks for doing this. Only a true brohammad would help me out at a time like this"
by The Bakernator July 10, 2008
53 7
A brother who is praised.

From the English word "Brother" and the Semitic trilateral "HMD," which means 'Praise.'
Hey Brohammad! Salaam alaikum!
by عبد الرشيد September 06, 2012
8 0
A word composed of three words; Bro (Brother/Brosepth), Mohammad (That profet) and Mad (u mad bro?), which when combined has the power to kill Jesus MF. Christ.

No specific definition, can mean:
A very, very mad bro
A mad bro whose skin is dark
A mad nigger
Noob: Fuck i got killed 10 times last round
Madbro: fajhafsjlfashl asflkfkl;afslaf k;asjfasj!!!???AF:@FAS:FAS@:
Madbro: that's ur a noob in my own language
Noob: u brohammad?
by Nixolas October 30, 2011
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