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When two or more straight men lay in the same bed together.
Dude #1: Is it gay that I took a nap with two of my friends in my bed yesterday?
Dude #2: No it's straight. It's a Brofest in Bed.
What you get the morning after a fourgy or moregy while everyone is still naked and a guy or guys are waking up hungry with morning wood.

The bro stink makes everyone randickulously horny and everyone kicks in to make boy butter for the pancakes.

(Refers to any gender crush situation)

"Kitchens trashed Dwizzle."

"No worries li'l bro... Bacon and eggs are already cookin' right here. It's Brofest in bed this morning~ Pass the butter for these man-cakes."
by Sterling Arch March 09, 2011