Brofessional (n.) A non-corporate boardshop or company employee that possesses a large body of knowledge within the boardsports industry; expertise usually derived from years of boarding, gear clinics, extensive mag study and teching out with other brofessionals.

Brofessional (adj.) Knowledgeable in boardsports terms, technology, killer new videos, up and coming pro riders, local mountains and weather forecasts.
Even though he got torn down last night, he still made it in and sold three setups. A true brofessional.
by Destination 1440 August 19, 2007
The act of being an ultimate bro. A professional is someone who has class, and gets the job done. A brofessional is someone who gets it done on a high level, mixed with the sweet smell of cologne, and a well treated Armani suit. No matter the occasion, well dressed, well groomed, and just the pinnacle of the worker.
Yo, hes gonna get a promotion just because hes such a brofessional.

For sure.
by yii August 28, 2009

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