Partying it up and living large w/ your friends (male or female) and usually brew chugging is involved as well!
"tonight will be a TOTAL BRO-DOWN dudes!"
by Daniella February 07, 2004
a chill session with some "bros" with under
by dani-yell January 27, 2009
The opposite of man up. This term applies to those falling short of first place or just failing in general.
John had a blister on his foot that explains the 2nd place ribbon and the bro down effort.
by oj.did.it85 September 17, 2013
(Noun) A gathering of like-minded, heterosexual male youths between the ages of 15-22 in a social setting. Brodowns usually involve the talk of females, sports, music, and, in rare occasions, meat sandwiches of some sort.

(See also: Sausagefest)
"Dude, that was a total brodown at Sam's last saturday."
by Rapscallywag May 08, 2008
verb - to get wit (in a non sexual way).

to hang one-on-one with someone, burn copius amounts of weed, do pills, homemade drugs, abuse chemicals found at most wal-marts and listen to jay z (for effect).
"yo, deng, check that tite faux-naggah with thems sweet-ass reeboks he touches up with white spray paint.... think i'n gonna see if he gotz any crunk snort and wantsta bro down."

"shit dung heezah, them aint reeboks"
by stu in the zoo January 18, 2007
A gathering of like-minded male youth up for fun. Just some friends (dudes) hangin' out.
Hey man, call me later we'll brodown.


This is a sweet brodown.
by Levi Baer January 12, 2006
When you see a guy or you are a guy that goes to a public place with 3 or more guys.
Chris and Joe had a brodown go into the Hollister, to try on polos togther.
by George Forwell March 20, 2010

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