When someone doesn't do what they are supposed to do, as in school or a job.
As in, "Pulling a brodie."
#bad job #goofing off #shirking responsibility #bucking for a promotion #awol
by cripsinspace March 26, 2011
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A person of the male gender that is a real dude, usually one of the flyest guys around that the bitches love. His striking good looks instantly puts an overwhelming feeling in the hearts and body of all women. Only the true women that have confidence in theirselves dare to approach him. He is an amazing athlete that dominates in all sports. he also is a very careing and loyal friend that is down for everyone. His personalty is awosme, he enjoys making people laugh and acting stupid while having fun. Overall a brodie is just "The Man"
You know what there is not many people like that guy, that can be so fly and sexy but still be so smooth and chill,He's definitely a Brodie
#brody #brodi #brod #brode #ballin
by @ b.r.o.d November 22, 2006
Another way of saying, "bro".
Let me get some candy, brodie

no, fuck you
#bro #bruh #breh #bruhbruh #brodie
by FrostWire October 03, 2009
The same as saying "bro". But with more respect. You really look up to your brodie and he means alot to you. You are glad that he has entered your life.
Your the best thing thats happened to me this year. Yupp your my brodie.
#cool #nice #respectful #brother #bro
by Dee_33 January 22, 2010
A friend whom you would consider close enough to be your brother.
He's my brodie.
#brody #brodi #brodies #brodii #broodi
by Indigo606 September 09, 2011
A retarded full-grown crocodile
No wonder they keep him locked up in a cage, he's such a Brodie
#retarded #stupid #dumb #obnoxious #ignorant
by Just123456789me January 16, 2014
A girl who is as clever as fuck, yet is still is fucking hot. Although she's hot, she doesn't know it and is oblivious to all the guys who like her. She's interesting, kind, funny and generally a great girl, and pulls of the clever part of her as a sexy preppy look.
Oh look, there goes Brodie! :)
#brodie #brodes #brod #bro #brodei #brody
by BABE.1234 June 30, 2010
brodies are spinning doughnuts over n' over in a designated area that is just right for front wheel drive.
My honda came equipped with just one horsepower, but it spins brodies right nice.
#spins #brody #brodie #right #nice #horsepower
by Gemilie August 17, 2006
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