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If you have brodar, that means you can tell when fellow bromosexuals are near.
Ryan: Holy shit, my brodar just went off.
Paige: There must be some bromosexuals nearby. Let's see if we can get laid tonight.
by RyLou August 15, 2009
when brothers have common occurences; when two brothers think alike; when brothers are thinking the same thing and contact one another.
Bro1: and so my brother broke his tv and doesn't have money to replace it. (receives phone call)
Bro2: (calling)
Bro1: hey brother.
Bro2: Dude i just got a new tv. A friend of mine was getting rid of his so he gave it to me.
Bro1: i was just telling someone about that.
Bro2: dude... brodar is working!!
by THEQU33N November 26, 2009
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