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a language used my ya dudes, douchebags, guidos and club donkeys. it is primarily spoken by suburban metrosexual blowout haircut havin cubic zirconia earring wearing losers who are scared of how dark it is in the closet. further more this is language needs to stay extinct. if you know anyone who speaks brodaic bACK AWAY SLOWLY...and say heyyy brooooo..or yaaaa guyyyy...then turn and run
brian: i can t understand what these douche bags are saying..what kind of language is that?

patrick: ya dude i think they re speaking a long lost language called brodaic. these 2 ya dudes are definitely having a bromantic moment while speaking brodaic.

brian: i thought douchebaggery was extinct?

patrick: no they ve tried to make a comeback with their blowout haircuts,their pooped collars, orange colored skin making a kissy face in every picture.

Example see "my new haircut" on you tube by L2X productions
by patrick and brian boudreau August 13, 2008
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