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Generally used when 2 or more guys have a get together and play video games. Usually accompanied by a liter of soda and a large pepperoni pizza.
Dude, what should we do this weekend?

How about some extreme brocrastibation? I have a free breadsticks coupon and C.O.D. Ghosts.
by WolfBane February 16, 2014
When a Bro procrastinates by masturbating.
Bro 1-"Dude last night I brocrastibated until three, then my laxitute came over and made me a sandwich and I ended the night with dome. Safe to say I got no homework done."
Bro 2- "Dude Brocrastibation always leads to good things"
by IfIWereABro May 11, 2011

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