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Extremely crappy weed. Probably the absolute worst weed that can be purchased in New England. It is called Brockton Brown because; 1) it mainly comes from in and around Brockton, Massachusetts. 2) The weed is literally brown.
It is very harsh and when you finally smoke enough of this dirt and get high you will start to come down within 10 minutes. Can give quite a headache and irritated lungs.
Javier (buyer): Yo meng, you gots any tree?

Francisco (dealer): Yee son, $5/gram or $15/eighth

Javier: Oh shitttt, not that AWFUL Brockton Brown, I'll need at least a half ounce to get high.
by Browntown<3 June 27, 2009
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the shitty ass weed that you get in broke-town
buyer: this weed looks like shit
dealer: nah dude this aint no brockton brown
by kingof781 July 12, 2008
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