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A date threatening disease found rarely in women which could be compared to "Friend-zone syndrome" found in men.
Symptoms of Brocitus are :
- A complete and total inibility to flirt

- A need to continueally use words such as bro, man, dude, yo, etc etc.
- Most of your friends are guys
- Not giving a fu** about how guys percieve you

- Laughing at sexist jokes
- the girl will usually has a best friend which guys find cute or interesting
- it's rare for a guy to call you cute / tell you they like you
- etc.

This is not to be confused with the tom-boy. Which terms have come to mean a girl who hangs out with guys yet is able to flirt, giggle, talk in a high pitched voice, etc.
"I thought it was going well, and then he told me I'm such a good bro."

"I wish (insert name here would act like he's interested in me) too BAD I have BROCITUS"

*With your guy friends and another group of guys walks up.* You get introduced as "My bro (insert name here)" and the other group right away sees you as a bro.
by lulugirl1313 June 21, 2011
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