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One whose yearning for shallow, promiscuous girls, buffalo wings and 30-racks of cheap beer compromises their capacity for empathy.

In some extreme cases of "brociopathy", this yielding empathy may not even exist in the bro as warranted by their parent's unlimited, fiscal surplus, anti-social support from other bros or the innate inability to understand themselves in a social context (found in only 1 in 100 brociopaths).

One in nine fraternity pledges are clinical brociopaths as reported by the DMB (Diagnostic Manual of Brociety, also, as pointed out by bro scholars, the initials of Dave Matthews Band, by almost incensing coincidence).
Good examples of brociopaths are bros who:

Make fun of their fellow bros but instigate fights with the first one to make fun of them.

Emotionally manipulate women to sleep with them (or roofie their beverage).

Describe their music tastes as "chill."

Completely disregard others in conversation (via talking over them or obsessively checking their BlackBerry).

Say upon puking on another person: "Sorry, bro."
by Spurlockio October 13, 2011
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