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Brocab is short for brocabulary. Brocabulary is bro vocabulary, which is words that replace the prefix of words with the new prefix of bro. This is even the case with the actual word that is being defined.
BROmosexual(homosexual), BROcean(ocean), BROdom(Boredom), BROcab (Vocab)
by 5443564 March 10, 2008
The stupid slang Bro's use
Sesh- makeout sesh
Beat- ugly
Rail- have sex with
Shmammered- drunk

"DUde, bra, i was soooo shmammered last night"
"I know BRAD, you totally seshed that beat girl Tracey"
" Dude, i RAILED her"
by Robyn Littleworth December 02, 2007