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Problems with your bros, the result of putting ho's first or participating in some serious violation of man law
"I got 99 broblems, but a ho ain't one."

"Dude, I know you didn't just break man law #69 (heh, 69). Are we going to have broblems?"
by That guy that God worships February 08, 2010

Words related to Broblem

A word to define a situation, when a bro is in trouble. Typically when the bro has too much alcohol.
Benny: Yo homie last night was so nuts!

Tommy:Yeah! D'andre was so wasted, he ate jerky out of a girl's ass and passed out with his head in a tub of mayo.

Benny: Talk about a broblem
by TommyGFools December 12, 2010
a bitch; or a problem caused by said bitch in which only another BRO can solve.
Bro, I got a BRO-Blem, and only a true bro like yourself can help with my Bro-blem, Bro.
by MattG514 August 02, 2010