a chick who admires a guy who freely expresses himself through dress or colorful vocabulary
My broadzilla is turned on by free spirited self-expression either in flamboyant and showy appearance or brazen displays of articulate and eloquent vocabulary.
by Betty October 02, 2004
Top Definition
a descriptive term used in reference to a woman with a temper that leads to rampages similar to those made by the legendary japanese monster "Godzilla".
"Oh no! There it is!"
"What is that?!"
"It's broadzilla!"
"Who do we call? The police...or...the army...her mother? Something? I don't know"
"Nah it's usually best to just let her run her course and wait for her to apologize and blame it on menstruation"
by Somepoorschmo February 16, 2013
A mormon girl who hits buses with her car.
Broadzilla, broadzilla, she comes to save the, save the day
Broadzilla, broadzilla, she comes to preach her mormon ways
by barry December 12, 2003
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