Females That Project A Certain Style, Behavior Or Image That Is The Complete Opposite Of What They Truely Are. It's Almost As If They Are Acting, Not Really Being Themselves. Now Take The Word "Broadway", It's The Big Time For Actors Who Perform In Plays, And Take The Word Broad. You Now Have Broads Who Put Up An Act Or Front.
E: Did You Get Some From That Chick Last Night?

J: Na Man, That Broadway Was Frontin' On The Pussy!
by BUMFIG May 17, 2007
The area between your balls and your penis
I hid the weed in my broadway./Bitch, tickle my broadway.
by C. SANTIAGO July 10, 2008
Someone who is gay. Originated in New York, due to that city's famous avenue, home of countless numbers of musical theatres and aspiring actors.
Personally, I think Larry goes Broadway.
by Luis November 18, 2004
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