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A male that drives a lifted pick up truck, drinks endless amounts of cheap beer like water, wears trucker hats, listens to anything that MTV has deemed cool, and calls his friends “Bro” or “Dog”.
Oh geeze, that poor guy thinks he's God's gift to the world because he drives a lifted pick up truck, what a BroDawg.
by DuranDuran August 29, 2005
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beers with friends
What are you doing Saturday? Wanna get some brodawgs?
by ackypoo July 17, 2010
A typical bro who likes to workout get bitches and get fucked up. He generally wears tight shirts to show off his muscles. When saying a sentence he would probably use the words bro and dawg in the same sentence.
Bro-Dawg: Hey bro let's go to this party, dawg there is going to be so much pussy there.

Other Bro: Yeah bro let's go dawg, let's get fucked up!
by TyyG November 21, 2011
A latino, not chicano Brodude,Dudebro
brodawg 1:hows it be hanging dawg

brodawg 2: nothin foo' chasing honeys all day bro
by Jimjom April 05, 2009

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