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The advice that your bros (male friends) give you on women and other philosophical life questions.
Dude, I need some Brovice, what should I do if my girlfriend cheated on me?
by Brovicer July 02, 2011
4 0
Advise only to be administered by a "Bro". Generally only serves as a distraction from a personal issue you cannot cope with.
Bro 1: "Bro, I can't get over my ex, I need some Bro-vice."
Bro 2: "Bro just fuck bitches and get money, Later we'll watch National Lampoon's; Van Wilder, he know's everything."
Bro 1: "Broski you're the best!"
Bro 2: "No broleash, you're the best"
by BroCash June 09, 2011
3 2